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Who we are

Lacare is here to invite you to partner with us to improve Nigeria. 
Calling on all Nigeria Youths to begin to build the nation.
Listening to the words of our National Item,let’s begin to live it.

Now is the time to take baby steps we need to evaluate our progress and promote continuos improvement in the nation. 

Lacare is passionate about change, we earnestly want to encouarge you to join us on this Journey.
We are currently running an innovative and creative initiative tagged #Improve Nigeria project.
We need to think boldly,open your mind,dare to be different, stand out and make a difference.

We have at most 100years to live what input will you leave for the unborn generation?
We have a responsibility to think about the future of Nigeria. 
Lacare is about us coming together, empowering each over, sharing ideas and dreams.

Partner with us as we Improve Nigeria together.

Lacare-Caring for you………………………………

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