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Lacare:Making a difference

Hello guys now is the time to make a difference. 
This blog is to inspire you to stand up and make a difference in Nigeria.
Firstly i’ll like to ask how passionate are you about Nigeria, are you proudly Nigerian.
Well if you’re not kindly wake up and be proud of your country and if you already are all the better.
Why should you be passionate about Nigeria?
Two reasons – It’s your Father’s land and Your home.

People make a country great a country does not make people great.
It’s time for us to take little steps in improving our country.
Where do we start? nice question it starts with you!

Think about innovative ideas and get creative.
Let’s be passionate about our people,let’s embrace our Culture and tradition.
Let’s look for ways to empower students, youths to build a strong Nation.

The question is what can you do to make a difference, you can start by loving your country,loving fellow Nigerians, valuing lives of the living ,more than the dead. Have a change of Mindset where it’s all about what’s to gain. It should be WIN-WIN.

A lot of things are not working in the country we can however get it right with a focused attitude.

We are going on a journey Nigeria 2020 join me as we make Nigeria great.

Nigeria good people great Nation ask what’s next?

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